[How long can cooked soybeans be kept]_How to save_Storage time

[How long can cooked soybeans be kept]_How to save_Storage time

Soybeans have very high nutritional value. It contains a lot of protein, so many people use soymilk to drink soymilk in the morning. Soymilk made from soybeans can even be drunk and can be used to wash your face.Soy beans must be cooked or cooked so that the soymilk is convenient. So how long can the cooked soy beans stay?

If you use a pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker and other products to cook soy bean soup, if you use a purple casserole, rice cooker and other slow-cooking products to cook the soup, then the soy beans can be cooked instead of soy beans.Usually, it should be soaked. Soybeans need to be soaked for at least three hours. Soybeans should be cooked in a pressure cooker for only ten minutes, cooked in a common pot over Chinese fire for more than 20 minutes, and dried soy beans in an ordinary pot.About hours.

1. Soak time Soy beans are soaked before cooking, it will be easier to taste, and reduce the cooking time. Beans do not need to be soaked for too long. Unlike soy milk and bean sprouts, soy beans used for soup only replace their foaming and foaming.Therefore, the required soaking time is relatively relative. If the time is not sufficient, the soybeans can be soaked in three to five hours, or even soaked in hot water, so that the soaking speed will be replaced.

2. Cooking time: Soy beans are cooked directly without frying, and the time taken is shortened. It usually takes 20 minutes to cook on high heat, 30 minutes to simmer on low heat, and 10 minutes on high heat. Sometimes it takes an hour to cook the beans thoroughly, andSoy beans can be cooked in the pot for ten minutes on high fire. If the beans are cooked in a pressure cooker and boiled for another eight to ten minutes, the beans can be cooked.It only takes 20 minutes to cook. Soy beans can be cooked in less than half the time.

3, soup method Soy bean soup is usually cooked with meat, common soy pork hand soup, soy pork rib soup, soy big bone soup, soy fish soup, soy pork hand soup as an example, first clean the pig hands, chop into small pieces,Put the pig’s feet in the pot, add water, ginger, cooking wine, boil and wash, and put the pig’s hands, star anise, tangerine peel, ginger slices in the rice cooker, soak the soybeans for five hours, an appropriate amount of soy sauce, stew in the ordinary pot for 30 minutes without openingCover, the pressure cooker can cook pork hands first, add soy beans and cook for 10 minutes after cooking.

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