What kind of women will keep men from losing heart

What kind of women will keep men from losing heart

Why do men easily change their hearts?

Why is there an extramarital affair or a third party?

Women are cursing “Chen Shimei.”

Everyone knows that scolding “Chen Shimei” can’t scold his heart . We must know that it is the nature of all human beings to like the new and the old.

It is precisely because we like the new and hate the old that we have new movies, new cultures, new products, new machines, new countries, new systems, new history, new worlds . the wheels of the times will roll forward.

Since it is human nature to like new and hate old.

Society is advancing with each passing day. As a woman, how can you not be eliminated by the times, and how can you keep your husband at heart?

  Article 1: Strengthen your own quality.

  We must strengthen our own quality and culture, and keep pace with the times.

And thus keep up with your husband or boyfriend.

In modern society, the values of men and the concept of family have changed a lot. A silly, obedient girl who doesn’t know what is happening in the world can’t hold the heart of an easy man.

From ancient times to today.

I have never heard of any well-known dignified ladies who can get the favor of men, and men who are fascinating and dying, Cixi, Dengji, Wu Meiniang, Li Shishi, Su Xiaoxiao, Sai Jinhua, etc. are allSmart, witty, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, talented.

Many polls have found that men prefer more, and need smart, trendy, and minded partners. In modern society, bringing children to cook and do laundry is no longer the job of a wife. It has long been used by nanny, kindergarten, high-end restaurants and restaurants.Instead.

  Article 2: Be fully confident.

  Men like confident women.

Self-confidence can make a mediocre face glorious.

To cultivate and protect their charm.

Charm is not without face, I am opposed to moving a knife on my face.

I think I will never go for cosmetic surgery.

Naturally, truth is the most beautiful.

We just try to protect ourselves carefully.

Delayed aging can be done.

My sister called me from France to tell me that she wanted to get a facelift.

Immediately I told her sternly: “If you do a good job, I don’t like you anymore.

I like how you look now.

Face doesn’t matter at all.

“Third: Don’t lose yourself in love.

  Women in this category are most easily abandoned by men.

They pay the most and lose the worst.

If you give everything to the other party as a gift, the other party will think it is too easy and will put it aside without mercy.

Many of my male friends are divorced or have bad relationships and have a third party.

And their wives are not at fault.

I asked them why?

They said they didn’t know.

After thinking about it for a long time, I said, “Maybe I didn’t follow it!”

  Article 4: Give each other some freedom and give them enough space.

  It is important that the husband and wife keep a certain distance.If you suffocate a man, the man will hate you.

Keep each other fresh.

If he spends all day with you, he will someday feel dull.

Let him do his own thing, and being with you outside of eight hours or at night is enough.

  Article 5: Remember that marriage is only an obligation, not a right.

  Never hurt a man’s self-esteem, and always give the opposite!

Many women treat men as their exclusive property after marriage.

Show your face at every turn and drop the table.

Falling off the bench is no longer a matter of anger.

Wandering away in front of others, etc., often make a lot of noise, disciplining her husband in public without the tenderness of a woman, a look of impulse.

The courtesy and courteousness of the initial love relationship disappeared.

Exposed the true colors.

You need to know that if a man is married, you didn’t sell him to you.

All people are good-looking, especially men.

If you don’t give him face once in public.

After that, you can’t make up for it even if you are willing to cook for him for a year.

Even if you come home and argue with him, it is a series more than arguing in front of a person.

However, it is best not to quarrel, especially not to quarrel about some trivial matters, some things are up to now, do not ignore people.

  Article 6: Adapt to the other party and do not try to change the other party.

  Remember not to pout.

Don’t be a mother-in-law.

Remember that no one is perfect.

I don’t have perfect rules by myself, and seeking common ground while shedding minor differences can change the sickness of the sick women that all men hate.

  Article 7: Anyone can live without leaving, don’t hang on a tree.

  You and your husband originally did not know each other, but became husband and wife for an accidental reason.

The so-called “born pair” is just an adjective. No husband and wife in the world are born by nature.

If they are together, they will be separated, and if they are not, they will be separated.

The sky cannot fall.

The world will not come to an end.

Don’t pin your hopes on others.

Don’t hand the reins of fate into the hands of others, but take control of your own destiny.

That way you won’t be at a loss when it comes to change.

Pessimistic and hateful.

Mess up.

  Article 8: If you make every effort and still want to lose him, then don’t want him.

  Such a man (including a woman, of course) exists in the world, born with poplar.

Playing with the opposite sex to satisfy his selfish desires, such a person is not suitable for the family at all.

If you unfortunately meet such a person, it is that you are out of luck.

When you think you are out of luck, throw away all your fantasies about him, leave him and find your new life again, don’t wait for his change of heart silly.

And you will be spoilt for choice.In this world you first have to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, then I have to tell you.

No one will take care of you.

Don’t care too much about the difference in age.

You don’t have to find a man better than you.

It’s better for them to be together than anything.

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