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The five beauty effects of salt quickly apply

Table salt is a seasoning product that we usually use. Everyone knows that it is used to enhance the taste of food. In fact, salt also has some special functions. For some people, its beauty effect is idealSo you can use salt to make your skin more ideal.

  The five major skin beauty effects of salt, quickly use them to solve unevenness. Too many people now have facial unevenness due to acne and other conditions, and you can use salt to solve this situation.

First apply some salt to your fingers, then perform a circular massage at the uneven position. After doing this three times, apply some salt at this position and wait five minutes to wash it off.

It’s important to note that when you massage, avoid opening the acne where it is growing.

  2. Relieving rough skin, salt can also effectively improve rough skin. You can pick up some salt, then drip a few drops of water on it, then apply it on the face, gently massage for about a minute, especially the noseAnd T zone should focus on cleaning, so that insisting on daily massage can make your skin smoother.

In addition, the location of oil in the T zone can be improved.

  3. Deeply clean the skin After washing the face, you can put the salt on the palm of your hand, then add a few drops of water, then put the salt and water on some shifts evenly, then apply it from the forehead down, while applyingYou need to do the massage, apply it for a few minutes, wash it with warm water, and then apply the lotion.

Initially can make the face better cleaned.

But don’t let the eye area come into contact with salt water during massage, and people with sensitive skin should not try this method.

  4. Eliminate the odor under the arm. When people sweat, they will emit some unpleasant odor, which is very depressing. In fact, if you want to solve this problem, you can use salt.

Because salt has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, it can be directly applied under the arm during bathing and gently massaged, so as to eliminate the odor under the arm.

  5, chest acne in the bath you can first wash your body, when the body becomes warm, the pores will open.

At this time, apply some salt on it, then gently massage it, and then use a sponge to absorb some salt water to wipe the front, and then rinse it off, so that you can care for the acne on the top.

  Salt not only makes food more delicious, but also has great benefits for our skin, so if you have skin problems, you can use salt to ease it, but if your skin is thin and sensitiveIt is not recommended that you use salt.

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