Winter training

Winter training

Winter practice 39, exercise the body to walk on this “39, 49 ice”, “small cold, big cold as a ball” and “walking on the street, losing money” and other ancient folk proverbs to describe this coldHow to keep in good health during the season?

Old Chinese medicine reminded that Xiaohan solar term is the time when the heart and kidney yang is insufficient.

Yang Qi is very important for human life. Cold weather is particularly prone to hurt Yang Qi, so it is necessary to nourish Yang through diet and daily living.

Pay attention to health care law1.

It is better to do it in the morning and early in the morning. After the sunrise, the temperature rises, the impurities in the air are reduced, and the effect of sunbathing is also provided.

In the cold season, you must pay attention to keeping warm and keeping cold to exercise.


Step by step, the amount of exercise should be from small to large during each regular exercise, and gradually increase, do not suddenly step by step to avoid accidents.

Be sure to get well prepared before exercising.

Due to the low temperature in winter, slow blood flow, reduced elasticity and reduction of muscles, joints and ligaments, it is extremely prone to sports injuries.

In winter, the amount of exercise is not as large as the world, and you can perform whole body exercise Taijiquan, jogging, gymnastics, etc. with a more suitable amount of exercise to maintain sufficient physical strength.


Breathing style: Nasal suction and mouth breathing.

Nasal breathing should be adopted for sports ventilation, because nasal inhalation can humidify and warm the air; it can also prevent dust and bacteria from protecting the breathing.


Nutrition supplement The energy supplement consumed by winter sports should be supplemented appropriately.


It is advisable to exercise in winter in accordance with the weather conditions of the day. Exercises and locations should be selected. Avoid exercise in the wind, snow, fog, and cold. Exercises should be performed indoors during the above weather.

Recommending a suitable jump rope is an economical, lightweight and useful fitness exercise.

The transformation lost by continuous skipping for half an hour is connected with the swimming resistance, which is very suitable for winter.

When jumping the rope, pay attention to the following points: When skipping the rope, first insert the rope into the heel and jump from back to front. After the feet fall to the ground, replace the bouncing up and down.

In the skipping rope, keep the knees bent and the upper part relaxed. Each time you drop the point, the beat must be stable and equal.

Rope skipping can be done before and after, so that the muscles of the body contract, which can help warm up before jumping and cool down after jumping.

Can you jump 2 every day?
3 times, 10 times each?
15 minutes.


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