Mr. Kevin has his own set of makeup maintenance!


Mr. Kevin has his own set of makeup maintenance!

Want to know how celebrities can avoid their own shortcomings and draw no time for nude makeup?

KEVIN, the favorite makeup star of the celebrities, the first make-up book carefully created by the teacher of Taiwan’s popular variety show “Women My Biggest”, took 1 year of hard work to reveal the secret of makeup for you!


hzh {display: none; }  《裸妆圣经》从三大部分:妆前保养与卸妆、如何化完美底妆和裸妆100问,以最实用的方式解答了女孩子们最关心的话题。Every step in the book is taught by Kevin personally step by step on paper, insisting on using the most detailed and clear way, and at the same time increase your makeup skills by 10 times, making you instantly beautiful!

  Pre-makeup maintenance has its own set of pre-makeup and basic maintenance. “Pre-makeup maintenance”, as the name suggests, mostly occurs during the day and before makeup. I think the biggest difference between pre-makeup maintenance and daily maintenance is the use of functional care products.

Years of make-up experience have made me realize that before applying makeup, I should try to use skin care products that mainly improve skin moisturization and partial refreshing, while highlighting whitening, anti-aging, repair and other high-performance products are left at night to care for the skin.

Because these functional care products have a small nourishing and thick outer layer, the layer film feels heavy, and it is easy to desquamate the subsequent makeup, and some active ingredients (such as vitamin A) can even be sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Therefore, I suggest that you must “separate your day and night” for skin care, and choose the right time and product to “be blessed and blessed.”

  The concept of “time-sharing maintenance” for skin care is actually very simple, because the division of human cells between day and night, and external stimuli during the day due to sunlight, pollution, etc., make the cells in a semi-closed defense state; at night, the work of cells becomes repair.Protecting the damage, resupplying new blood to store the resistance needed tomorrow, so it becomes a good time to “repair and maintain” at night. At this time, the maintenance is more in line with the cell’s life habits.

The most needed “moisturizing” before makeup is to make the skin “stretch up” the fine lines and pores when it is full of water. At this time, the cells are in a semi-tightly arranged defense state, and the surface layer of the skin will change.It must be smooth and smooth, add a little trace of oil to lock the moisture, and then apply makeup, the makeup will become very convincing.

  Examining your skin’s skin quality In addition to selecting the pre-makeup skin care products based on the concept of “time-sharing maintenance”, we should also use different moisturizers according to the condition of different skin textures to find the best skin care path for you.

The skin type of most girls can be divided into: normal skin, oily skin, mixed skin and dry skin. As for how to judge whether they are recombined skin, I provide the following simple clues for your reference:◆ Neutral skin: skin water and oil secretion balance, smooth skin texture, not too much skin problems.

  ◆ Dry skin: small freckles appear on both cheeks, which is prone to local pigmentation.

If it is often accompanied by occasional peeling, allergies are extremely dry skin.

  ◆ Oily skin: From time to time, the face is shiny, and pores look large, which is prone to acne.

  ◆ Mixed skin: T-shaped area is prone to oil, and spots are easy to develop in two seconds.

  After knowing your skin type, please master the main principles of choosing moisturizers before makeup: Dryer skin needs more oil to play a role in locking the skin’s surface moisture, so it is best to choose products with high oil content; and oily skin becausePrepared “emollient oil”, in order to avoid makeup after oil out, you can choose a moisturizing product with low oil content.

  I often remind everyone of the celebrity’s favorite symptomatic skin care methods that you must carefully observe your skin condition before applying makeup.

Before I help artists or models make up, I will also understand their skin conditions on the day, see if there is peeling, whether the skin is oily, and then adjust the maintenance method . The following is how I respond to different skin typesPre-makeup moisturizing strategy: ◆ For neutral skin: First, use a moisturizing lotion directly on the skin surface (the tapping action has a firming effect), be sure to take the lotion until it is completely absorbed, many people justPut the lotion on your body and let it evaporate, but your skin will become dry.

Then use some moisturizing essence containing trace oils, slide from the center of the face from the bottom to the top, massage, and also slide until the product is completely absorbed by the skin (my lazy trick is to slide it once, then use the pat method to accelerateSkin absorption).

  ◆ Dry skin texture: Use moisturizing lotion as the “maintenance guide car” to help the skin “warm the spleen and appetite” first, use the water to soften the dry cuticle, and make the essence of subsequent products easier to be absorbed.

Then select a moisturizing serum with a slightly higher oil content and massage on the skin until the product is absorbed by the skin.

When there is peeling, you can absorb more essence locally, and then wet the cotton pad, and use it as a local emergency mask. After three minutes, remove the cotton pad, push the cream away with your palm and stop the peeling.

  ◆ Oily skin: For people with very oily skin, you can change the moisturizing lotion to whitening lotion, first wipe the entire face with a cotton pad, and then pat with your hand until the lotion is completely absorbed.

Because in addition to the moisturizing factor, the whitening lotion usually contains a concentration of acid components, which can slightly metabolize old dead skin cells.

For oily skin that tends to accumulate keratin, this action helps the skin look brighter.

Finally, use a moisturizing serum (if the skin is really oily, choose an oil-free product) and massage until the product is completely absorbed.

  ◆ Combination skin type: first open the skin transport channel with moisturizing lotion, then use the moisturizing essence in the same way, and then perform more maintenance operations than oily skin, preheat the lotion in the palm and push away, then use the palm of your handPoke two or two (T-shaped parts that are prone to oil do not need to be strengthened).

  The moisturizing action before makeup looks different for different skin types. In fact, the main difference is the amount of oil in the final product.

Everyone does not have to follow the instructions of this chapter, because in different seasons, the environment and age will cause changes in skin texture, so oily skin that is easy to produce oil in summer may also change to neutral skin in winter.

I think that paying more attention to skin changes and flexibly adapting maintenance methods is the mainstay of maintenance.

  Bobby Brown Comfort Balance Foundation.

hzh {display: none; }  SOS急救法之一!3-minute maintenance and rejuvenating SOS first aid repair ◆ All skin types are suitable for first aid method: My cheat is to take a one-dollar coin-sized beauty instrument “Instant Revitalizing Water Live Gel” after washing my face.Face and massage until the product absorbs, then perform pre-makeup maintenance procedures such as lotion.

Its first-aid principle is to use the oily ingredients in the product “Pioneer Pioneer” (the outer layer of the skin is a lipid structure, the lipophilic ingredients are easier to penetrate than the water-soluble ingredients), so that continuous moisturizing ingredients reach the skin to relax, and quickly replenish a lot of moisture.

  At present, there are too many similar pre-makeup gel products on the market, reminding everyone not to block the trial on the back of the hand before buying, wait for the gel to dry and then gently push to check whether there are dandruff. If there is scaling, it is not suitable forUse before makeup.   ◆ Overview of emergency mask: In my mind, the mask is still the best rescuer before makeup!

If time permits, I think the sheet moisturizing paper mask is the best choice, because the mud and cream masks have better grip on the face, and it will be difficult to clean before applying makeup. The current popular jelly mask,I don’t think the body weight is as high as a sheet paper mask, so I don’t recommend it when you want to improve the skin’s moisture retention.

In addition, I do not recommend that you apply an unused whitening mask before makeup. Because whitening masks often contain acidic ingredients, they may cause excessive irritation to dry skin that requires first aid. Therefore, we still try to repair as much as possible.Featured products stay in use at night.

  L’Oreal Creations New Muscle Source Pore Tender Milk SOS First Aid Method-Affordable “Luxury” Eye Area Maintenance ◆ Eye Area Enhancement Care: If you want to enhance eye area care, be careful, avoid oily and easily dry products!!

If people with oily skin choose eye cream that is too oily, the mascara will faint when the eye area is out of oil; and eye gel that is completely free of oil (for example, immediately firm eye gel) will have a lift effect after drying, But it will also cause desquamation of makeup, and sometimes fine lines will be more obvious after applying powder.

My suggestion is to use moisturizing eye care products as much as possible during the day. If the eye area is really dry, you can refer to my recipe: apply a layer of eye moisturizing essence before makeup, and then apply moisturizingThe cotton pad is sealed (classic homemade small eye mask), and after other maintenance is completed, the cotton pad is removed, and the smooth feeling of drinking water can be displayed around the eyes.

  Laneige Pore Tightening Essence SOS First Aid Method III-Never Take Off Makeup!

Instant temperature change method ◆ First-aid method for oily skin without removing makeup: We can use “instant temperature change” to control the amount of oil. After completing the pre-makeup maintenance, apply it on the body with a cold dry towel.Skin), can instantly reduce the skin surface temperature, shrink pores, and then make up, it will improve the oily phenomenon too much, and make-up is not easy to take off.

  Common moisturizing ingredient: Glycerin: Commonly used in skin care products, it can help skin lock water, and it is a basic moisturizing ingredient that lasts forever.

  Hyaluronic acid: The star component of hydride is red, it can carry more than 500 times more water than its own body, and has high moisturizing value, but the molecule is too large, it can only act on the skin surface.

  Squalene: An oily moisturizer that moisturizes the skin and prevents aging.

  Amino acid: It is the main component of natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which has a regulating effect on skin moisture.

  Jojoba oil: refreshing, non-sticky, odorless, odorless, good skin-friendly, and highly water-retentive, it is an oil with excellent penetrating power, suitable for all skin types.

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