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Best time to make a mask

First, when do I need to use a paper mask?

hzh {display: none; }  要速救——下个月要结婚?Going to the plane tomorrow?
Are there events at night?
Time is tight, and you want to quickly restore whitening and moisturizing, use a paper mask at these times.
Paper masks carry a larger amount of nutrients with paper membranes, which promotes local skin warming.
  Convenient-can you travel on business or attend a dinner party directly after work?
No problem, each individually packed mask is easy to carry and does not take up space, which is just what you want.
  Be hygienic-because it is individually packaged and ready to use, it is more secure in terms of hygiene.
Some readers ask whether it is possible to add beauty liquid DIY by themselves using paper film. Who has an operating environment that meets hygienic conditions?
Besides, it is difficult to evenly pour the liquid, and it is inevitable to waste.
  Second, the order when used with other skin care products?
  Normal paper masks are used after toning and before moisturizing.
Expanding your pores, such as taking a bath, will help the mask to function.
There is usually no need to wash after use.
  However, given the two general types of benefits of paper masks: moisturizing and nutritional, it is also recommended that you treat them flexibly.
For example, some paper facial masks have a high content of cosmetic liquid, they are not completely absorbed on the surface of the skin, and they are not refreshing. You can wipe them with a cotton pad.
If your toner has the effect of shrinking pores, it is also recommended that you use it after a paper mask (it can only be a moisturizing mask, and the nutrition will be wasted again)
  Remover —> Cleansing —> Toner —> Paper Mask —> Moisturizer 3. Why do most people suggest that the application time is 15 minutes. Is it longer?
.hzh {display: none; }  1、 水分含量适中的,应避免敷用时间过长,免得面膜干后反从肌肤中吸收水分,适得其反。   2. If the water content is high, you can use it for a while, but don’t take too long.
Covering a layer of pores will always feel stuffy, just like wearing a mask.
  3. Some readers said that they would fall asleep wearing a mask, but I have different opinions.
If it is a moisturizing mask, be sure to use a cream to protect it after application.
  How often should I use the mask?
  1. Some masks have clearly marked cycles, such as a course of 5 days, or 3 tablets every 10 days.
If you want to achieve the best results, you should strictly adhere to it.
  2. If the product is not calculated according to the cycle, it is usually used 1 to 2 times a week if it is used continuously.
  3. If it is emergency under special circumstances, it can be used at any time.
  5.What kind of paper mask should be used in different ages and seasons?
  Paper mask is a “function first” product, and age and season are just one of the influencing factors.
For example, “old age, dry skin”, or “autumn and winter season, special maintenance is required” and so on, so no matter what age, any season, the first thing to be clear is what effect you want to achieve.
  What effect does long-term use have on the skin?
  Paper mask is a big meal in skin care products. In principle, you can’t eat it every day unless you have special requirements.
For long-term, continuous use, 1-2 times per week is sufficient.
Otherwise, no matter how good the food, you will feel it after eating too much!

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