Ten Wisdoms in Workplace Interpersonal Relationships

Ten Wisdoms in Workplace Interpersonal Relationships

Among many professional women, there are many beautiful women with elegant and capable professional images, or white-collar women with excellent work skills.The pros and cons are not enough!

While paying attention to both internal and external training, professional beauties should also be good at managing interpersonal relationships, pay attention to word of mouth, and ensure that they can easily navigate their colleagues.

Workplace friendship, a factor that is easily overlooked, can give professional beauty a fulcrum at a critical time!

Here are some important points for a solid “fulcrum”. I believe these are enough to make your relationships more successful.

  1. Integrate colleague’s hobbies as the saying goes, “interests are similar”. Only common hobbies can bring people together.

Most of the colleagues in Xiaohong’s unit are male. During the short break during lunch, colleagues often gather together to talk about the world. Unfortunately, Xiaohong always feels that she can’t plug in, and at first, she can only listen to her at a distance.
  The topic of male colleagues like strikes is nothing more than sports, stocks, but they do not even understand the fashion trend, nor does it prevent them from communicating with female colleagues.

However, in order to have a good relationship with these male colleagues, you must first force yourself to accept some of their interests and hobbies.

So Xiaohong started to “consciously” pay attention to sports news and news every day, and even went to watch the ball with her male colleagues when she got the right opportunity.

“Now that we have a common topic, it’s much easier to get along with male colleagues; every time I chat with them, I will also communicate some of my feelings at work with them, and our working friendship between each other has increased.Too much, “Xiao Hong said.

  2. Don’t arbitrarily have personal privacy. The personal secrets of colleagues are, of course, some hidden secrets that you don’t want to tell others or don’t want to let others know; if your colleagues can tell you their own private information, that only shows that your colleagues are adequate for you.The trust between you and you must definitely be more than others, otherwise she won’t trust your privacy to you.

  If at the same time you hear your privacy exposed in the mouth of others, don’t say, she definitely thinks you betrayed her.

The betrayed colleague will definitely scold you more than a thousand times in your heart, and regret the friendship and trust that you paid for.

Therefore, the basic requirement for professional friendship can be consolidated without casual intervention. If this is not done well, I am afraid no colleague will dare to confide in you.

  3, don’t let love “block” Dao Song Jia and Wang Huixing are a pair of good sisters who have nothing to talk about. They have been living in the same dormitory since work, and work together and get off work every day.

By chance, Song Jia and Wang Hui met a man who was superior in all aspects and very handsome. At almost the same time, they all had a good opinion of this man!

  In order to get closer to handsome men, Song Jia and Wang Hui suddenly became personal. They were no longer inseparable, but acted alone; later, the two turned into hatred for this matter, and many years of feelings disappeared.
Obviously, love “blocked” the friendship between the two, starting from the fact that they liked the handsome man at the same time, in fact, they announced that their friendship for many years began to break.

Therefore, as a professional woman, you are better to deal with your own emotional life alone, and even the closest friends do not drag together to date before love has matured.

Otherwise, love will become a “stumbling block” for friendship.

  4. Keep your chats away from work. It ‘s normal for colleagues to chat with each other. Many people, especially male colleagues, mostly show off their knowledge in front of colleagues.Guang, and at the same time conveyed a message to other colleagues: that you are familiar with, I am also familiar with; you are not familiar with, I am also familiar with!

  In fact, those who know that they know everything know nothing more than fur. Everyone just keeps abreast of each other.

As a female, if you want to satisfy your curiosity and ask the other person to break through the sandy nest, the other person will immediately reveal the stuffing, so the chat time will not be too long.

In this way, not only will everyone’s interest be swept away, but it will also embarrass colleagues who like God “Kan”; I believe that colleagues will avoid you intentionally or unintentionally in the future.

Therefore, I suggest that female friends, when chatting on any occasion, do not seek to understand everything, just ask questions, so that colleagues will be happy to accept you.

  5. Leaving the right and wrong “Why does xx always oppose me?”

This guy is really annoying!

“,” Xx always raised the bar with me, I don’t know where I offended him!

“. these short gossips often come out in the office; you must know that these short gossips are” soft knives “in the workplace, and are a kind of lethal and destructive weapons. This kind of harm can directly affectThe human mind, it will be very tired for those who are hurt.

If you’re passionate about spreading rumors, at least you shouldn’t expect other colleagues to listen.

Frequent manipulation of right and wrong will make other colleagues in the unit feel a little afraid of you.

If this is the case, I believe you will not have a good time in this unit, because by then no colleagues will take you seriously.

  6, low-profile handling of internal disputes in the continuous work process, it is normal to have some small conflicts with colleagues; but when dealing with these conflicts, we must pay attention to methods to try to make your mutual visibly intensify.

The office is also a public place. Although there will be some small friction between colleagues due to work, you must handle the friction event rationally.

  Don’t show aggressiveness, you have to make a break with your colleagues and win.

Taking a step back, even if you are reasonable, if you are unreasonable, colleagues will respect you and feel that you are a person who does not give room to colleagues and does not give others face, and will always be on your guard in the futureThis way you may lose the support of a large number of colleagues.

In addition, the colleagues you attack will hate you, and your career will be one more “enemy”.

  7. Do n’t reach out and borrow money at random. In the impression of colleagues, Wu Jing is a carefree person. Whether it is a colleague with a good relationship or a colleague with an ordinary relationship, she can openly borrow money from them. Sometimes the colleagues do not haveWith money, Wu Jing will blame her colleagues for lack of friendship in the face, and feel that it is all a colleague. It is so difficult to borrow money. The original relationship between colleagues is just superficial.Worried about whether her money will be lent to her or not.  Especially once, Wu Jing didn’t return the money to her colleague as scheduled, and the colleague immediately resented her, thinking that Wu Jing, as a colleague, even played this trick with her, it was simply too much!

And Wu Jing thought that she could not pay back the money on time. It was not her original intention. Colleagues encountered some difficulties. Shouldn’t they help each other?

It was because of borrowing money at will and not repaying it in a timely manner that Wu Jing quickly lost popularity among colleagues.

Therefore, under the circumstances of last resort, we must not reach out to others to borrow money at will. Even if we borrow money, we must remember to return it in time.

  8. Complaints should be kept away from too many people. No matter what environment they work in, they are always angry and full of complaints. They always suffer bitterly when they meet people. Sometimes the occasional complaints can build up the illusion of a little office friendship.But it was miserable to keep revolving around the colleagues like Xiang Lin.

Maybe you grumble yourself and pour out the bitter water is a way to communicate with your colleagues sincerely, but the excessive grievances make your colleagues feel that since you are so dissatisfied with your current job, why not jump on the job and go for another job?

  9. When you are proud, Mo Zhangyang Whenever your work has been graded and praised or promoted by your boss, many people often go around in the office to waver, or pretend to be mysterious, without the boss’s announcement.Speak to close colleagues. Once the news spreads, these people will surely jealous colleagues, jealousy, and hatred, which will lead to trouble; of course, except when you are proud, don’t spread your word; even you are frustrated.At that time, you could not tell other people about the wrongs of your boss in public, or even involve other colleagues who have made the same mistakes. Why not be punished? If so, not only will your boss be tired of you, but your colleagues will further correct youAnnoyed, you will definitely have a hard time in the unit.

  Therefore, don’t go too far when you are proud or frustrated, or you will only bring obstacles to work friendship.

  10. Don’t fight for favor with your boss in private. If someone likes to slap your boss and fight for favor with your boss, it will definitely cause other colleagues to be unaccustomed and affect the working feelings between colleagues.

If you really need to have a boss, you should invite as many people as possible to meet with your boss.

And do n’t do some small, private actions in private, make colleagues doubt your loyalty to friendship, and even doubt that you have a personality problem. When colleagues get along with you later, they will subconsciously guard against you because they will worry about the usualYour rejection of your boss will betray you, and you will climb to a leadership position by providing information.

  Once you are found to betray your colleagues, then the friendship between you is over, and even other people who want to make friends with you dare not rely on you.

Therefore, not arguing with your boss in private is also one of the ways to ensure long-term friendships between colleagues.

Excessive grievances and complaints will make colleagues feel that since you are so dissatisfied with your current job, why not jump to another job and go for another job?

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