Why do You Shen School feel lonely?

Why do You Shen School feel lonely?

Standing on the “exploding head”, playing the latest electronic products, chatting on QQ with “Martian text” . This may be a sporadic impression of everyone on current college students.

However, if you think about it, maybe they are not as full-featured and carefree as we imagined: I just left the middle school stage of “all for the college entrance examination” behind, and there are more lessons learned from the hard work of the “Ant” dean.

So, what is the psychological condition of these college students?

The latest adolescent mental health research report shows that 60% of college students feel lonely.

  University did not make friends for a year. Recently, the National Adolescent Health Personality Engineering Degree Thesis of the China Population Propaganda and Education Center released a “Adolescent Modern Personality, Psychological and Sexual Health Research Analysis Report.”Dissatisfaction with social life, lack of sense of interpersonal communication, 50% of the future without a clear plan, and about 30% of children have problems communicating with their parents.

  ”My freshman is coming to an end. My biggest feeling is that freedom does not mean happiness.

“When I told reporters about my college life, Xiaoyan from a college in Beijing was very lost.” Some students in the class could not be named, there were no friends who could push their hearts, only the singing voice in headphones, high school students.Text messages accompany me.
“Learning to loosen up highlights problems.” 12 years of ‘learning as the key’ life suddenly loosened, and not as closely managed as before, the four college students should develop themselves independently and deal with the relationship with the surrounding environment, problems will naturally occur.

Zheng Xifu, a professor of psychology at South China Normal University, points out.

  The development of self-awareness makes them eager to innovate and be independent. They may keep their distance from the mainstream of the society. Instead, these college students were born around the 1990s. The environment for the growth of the only child and the ever-expanding life background make them easy to communicateThe surrounding people create a gap.

  Zheng Xifu, who gave the child an idea from a young age, also pointed out that the results of the survey were not as bad as they seem. “This report does not indicate that college students have a high percentage of mental illness, but that there is a period of psychological discomfort.”

These discomforts may become the driving force for their rapid growth, or they may lead them to indulge in the Internet, be trapped in love, and even worry about the extremes of depression.

  In order for children to go to college more comfortably, parents should cultivate their children’s autonomy from an early age.

First of all, develop the habit of discussing everything with children, encourage them to think more and think more; second, put more facts and less reasoning, put all-round considerations for their own judgment; finally, the children who are interested but irrationalBehaviour can allow children to experiment and let reality educate him.

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